Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 23rd Psalm

I am like so excited right now, because I had this idea awhile back to put pictures to the 23 psalm, which just  so happens to probably be my favorite psalm, and now I’m finally finished! It was a long and frustrating process, but I think it was well worth it. So without further ado, I give you, The 23rd Psalm!

יהוה is my shepherd; I do not lack.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside still waters.

He turns back my being; 

He leads me in paths of righteousness For His Name’s sake.

When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.

For You are with me;

Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

You spread before me a table in the face of my enemies;

You have anointed my head with oil;

My cup runs over.

Only goodness and kindness follow me All the days of my life;

And I shall dwell in the House of יהוה, To the length of days!

If you have any questions about this post or any of the pictures on it, please leave a comment and I’ll try and answer it for you.

Shalom to all!

Friday, September 9, 2011


A little over three weeks ago, my cat, Kisses, had kittens.
Now I’m sure your all just waiting to see all the cute kitten pictures I have in store for you, and believe me I’ll get to that, but I just have to tell you the story of how my cat got her name in the first place.

Ahem, *clears throat* (I don’t know why I just did that, I’m not even talking) Anyway. Now I’ve had my cat since she was basically zero, but because her momma is an outdoor cat, we didn’t find her until she was over a week or two old. Even though she was just one of five kittens born, she immediately took a liking to me and I knew I wanted to keep her. But, I was having trouble coming up with a name for her, so one day while I was holding her trying to think of one, she climbed straight up my shirt and began licking my chin. And I knew right then that I would call her Kisses, and I think I even said it out loud. *sigh* ah memories... Anyway, back to the main story.
My cat had kittens over three week ago, and because she’s an outdoor cat we didn’t find them until just a few days ago, sound familiar, anyway she had five of them, that we know of, and they are so Adorable! Sadly though, they’re not as active as I’d like so I don’t have a lot of pictures of them. Yet! But I can show you these.  
Three of them look like this…
we call them the triplets… 

And the other two look like this one...

Now the rest of these pictures are from the same momma, but from a different litter. But don’t worry, their just as adorable...
Oh, and I’m trying out some new watermarks, let me know what you think.

In this next one, our other cat Susie, wanted to get in on the fun…
And in this one she was playing a little too rough with one of them...
“Hey, quit biting my head!”  

In this next one the majestic kitten stalks the wild plastic dinosaur…

The dinosaur is no match for the kittens super skills…

And now for the not so brave kitten, that came across the great plastic beast…

This one’s playing hide and seek…
“How come I’m the one that always has to count”    

And this last ones my favorite, because it’s just one of those picture perrrrrrfect moments…

Be sure and comment on which watermark you like best, and which picture it’s on. I was even thinking that I could have two of them; one for more of the playful pictures, and another one for the more serious pictures. What do you think?

Shalom to all!