Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fire, Water, and a little bit of Homework.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been scanning through my pictures trying to find something to blog about. And one of the first things I thought of was Fire.

But I don’t have that many Fire pictures, so I knew I needed something to go along with it, and what better choice than Water.
In this case rain water.  

But I felt that it needed just a little something more, because honestly, a title like “Fire and Water” just didn’t seem to catch the eye. So for the last part of my title I decided to throw in a little something that had to do with my life right now. I bet you didn’t think it would be this complicated, did ya?  But I’ll get to that later. For now I have more heated things to get to.

Now before you judge me on this last picture, let me just explain that these were mice infected books that were beginning to mold and they had to be disposed of, and we just happened to have a fire going anyway, so of course I took it as a photo opportunity.

I bet you can’t guess what this next picture is of.

Okay I’ll tell you. This is a friend of mine that is actually juggling fire!

Cool right. 

Okay lets douse this subject with a little something else.

This next one I did raw. (No editing involved, except for my watermark)

And then I did it again with a bit of processing. Like how I snuck in the food analogies.  And I call it, “Golden Raindrops”  

  Now I’ve worked my way around this until now, so I’ll just come out and tell you. The reason for the last part of the title, and why I haven’t posted anything sooner, is because I am studying for my GED. Dramatic music, “don don da” Actually even though I’ve just started studying, it’s easier than I thought it would be, at least so far.

I did this picture originally with a mechanical pencil, because that’s what I use, but it just didn’t look as good as a real one.

Because I don’t own the study book I’m using, I have to write down all my answers on something else.

Reading through this book I come across a lot of different emotions.

And it can get a bit messy.  

But I know I will be able to figure it out if I just try hard enough.

And hopefully when I’m all done I’ll be able to celebrate victory!

So because of all this I probably won’t be posting as much in my blog as I’d like to, L, but don’t worry I won’t forget about it, because after all, photography for me, is homework. J

    Shalom to all

Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo Journal- Day Two

First off just to remind you, this is not a post that I do every day, just whenever I have something to blog about.
Today was one of those days that you don’t know how it went until it was over, or in my case, until the sun goes down…

You see tonight is Sabbath, which happens to be my favorite time of the week, because the whole family gets together to have a nice candle light dinner…

And tonight we had one of my favorites, green bean casserole!
And it was delicious!

Another fun thing I did this evening was decorate some cupcakes, of which I had cooked earlier.
As you can tell we got kind of carried away.

This was a flower my sister made.
 She used baby marshmallows cut in half for the petals.   
And this is supposed to be a little golf course that my other sister made.
so cute!

And then my brother wanted in on the fun, and he decided to make…

A dissected frog.
I have to admit though; it’s very realistic. Although that might not be a good thing.

And of course there’s always the clean up afterwards…

But, I guess that’s life. ;)

So until next time…

     Shalom to all

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photo Journal –Day One

  I realized recently that I haven’t taken any pictures, just for myself, in like over a week! Shocking right? So to make myself get “back in the game” so to speak, I decided to take pictures of something I did today and blog about it. Now I would love to be able to do this every day, but to tell you the truth, a typical day at my house is not much to write about. In fact I probably wouldn’t have even done this post today, except for the fact that when I got up this morning I realized that we had had our first snow fall!
Yeah I know it’s not much to be excited about, but still… its snow!
Another thing I realized today is that I haven’t been giving one of my horses enough attention, and because of that she was being very standoffish, and yes that is a word.

This is her walking away from me. *grumble*

  I think part of the problem is that she gets jealous of my other horse, because I’m always giving him more attention because he’s always asking for it…
 I mean just look at that face. How can you say no to that?

  Anyway because of this I started following her around the yard taking pictures of her. And I’ve come to find out that she is a bit camera shy, although that’s never stopped me before…
As you can tell I took these as the sun was going down, and the reason being is because I find it gives a nice silhouette look to everything.  

 So over all what I learned today is that, friendships take a lot of time, work and patience to keep them going, and that sometimes friends, can be very unpredictable.

So until text time…

Shalom to all

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Innocence (Part two)

First off I’d like to say that I would have posted this sooner but I got sick. L But now that I’m feeling better (Finally) I was able to sort through and get enough pictures together. Enjoy!
Now just to warn you, half of these pictures have this little girl in it, and it’s probably because whenever I see her it’s so easy to take a hundred pictures of her at one time (true story). 

Oh and did I mention she loves to swing…

This next one is probably my favorite of her.
*Sigh* So cute.
 I like to call these next two “New BFF’s”.

Ok now for some new faces…
I just love babies

The girl in this next one was super nice, and so cute.

I titled this one "Epic Meal Time".

And like always I try and save the best for last…
 So until next time…

Shalom to all

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reflecting on Life

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I live out in the country. And since 95% (or more) of my pictures are taken outside, I’m starting to run out of things to capture. So I had this idea I’ve wanted to try, and today I finally was able to do it.

I called this Reflecting on life because, quite simply, I use a clean piece of glass,

and then just capture different reflections in it...

I also used a small mirror…
But I think the glass looked cooler.

Water can also be used to make a good reflection…

And in one case, I even used a laptop screen to reflect a picture.
pretty cool right?

I put this last one on here because it went with this post, but I also put it here to announce an upcoming post… Little Innocence Pt. 2
So until next time!

    Shalom to all